Transgender identity clinics

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The Leeds clinic's website covers referrals and commonly used medications. Will I get a prescription for hormones? Skip to main content. Although awareness of trans and non-binary health issues has increased, some GPs may not have much experience with trans health issues or gender dysphoria. You know who to contact if you have any more problems or questions. GPs and other health professionals may not have much experience with trans health issues or gender dysphoria.

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Transgender people face two-year wait for NHS appointment

The blood tests are to establish basic good health in terms of liver function etc. All staff in the service are aware of the review and have been encouraged by both our medical director and chief executive to avail themselves of this opportunity to express their own views about the service. We will look at your blood test results if previously forwarded to us or ask you to have bloods taken, usually via the phlebotomy service at Charing Cross Hospital. See original on NHS Choices. Smoking Individuals who smoke are advised to stop altogether, at least 3 months prior to starting hormones. How to refer patients with gender dysphoria directly to a multidisciplinary gender identity clinic.

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Speakers on the night include: In a statement, it said: They reveal a negative attitude to gender dysphoria and gender identity which does not reflect the views or the approach of the trust. Are you at risk of falling? Write things down, or ask a family member or friend to take notes. Otherwise the results of tests taken on the day of your first assessment will usually be discussed at your second assessment.

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