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They explain that, in the big city, tiny designer manticores are bred as pets for rich people who eventually get bored and dump the animals in the sewers. While I absolutely love the wonderfully awkward romance between the main characters, Quinn and Sorrel, the diverse cast of supporting characters truly lends to creating a well-shaped story. Are you able to give more examples of popular non-BL comics? That draft exists in all its rough glory on AO3 under the Citrus Witches title. The internet will have A LOT of people saying rude and harsh things. People can still bring up new comics in the comments.

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LGBT comics that do not have kissing and porn are not super popular.

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LGBT Webcomics

Navigating chronic illness, prejudice and a new relationship, two awkward dorks are trying to understand each other. Merlow the Rose is a half-elf bard traveling the world. One of the other characters is a costume designer. Definitely the oddball on this list, but all the art is soft and pink, so I figured it was close enough. Crazy how technology do dat.

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SpectraSpell is a story about kids and magic, and what it really means to be different. My girlfriend and I have a webcomic about 2 gay stick figures in love. This fairytale webcomic tells the story of Lark, a young archer woman in medieval England. Retrieved from " https: How exactly can you shut someone up when they already said what they said and the world can see what they already wrote?

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