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Retrieved Paris really wanted to see more of the world so he moved to southern California to pursue his life and dreams of becoming a well-renowned bodybuilder and actor. Often takes off the name plates from bodybuilding awards he receives to keep in his collection, and throws away the rest of the award. IMDb Everywhere. Bob Paris is a writer, actor, public speaker, social activist and former professional bodybuilder. To add resistance to donkey raises, calf exercises, a helper mounts the buttocks of a lifter, who is bent over.

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He was the world's first male professional athlete, in any sport, to come out in the media while still an active competitor in his sport.

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It was then Paris decided he wanted to pursue bodybuilding. His book is too often a labor of self-love. Using his unique talent and passion for the arts, Paris had applied this approach to Body Building which led him to a very successful career as an athlete and a model.

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