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Mike August 13, I, however, found this to be a rather enjoyable little film that just falls short of being great. The mistake this movie made was trying to be horror quirky and actual horror, and failing miserably at both. I've not seen as pointless a character as Grim since a real turd of a movie called Scared Stiff. I don't really know whether Cabin Fever is supposed to be a joke or a film

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Guy cuts up dead dog for some reason.

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What was exactly the reasoning behind Paul's attempt to fish out the body of the Hermit, only to fall in the contaminated reservoir and get infected with the virus? I'd like to start this review off by noting I am a fan of horror, not only that, I am a fan of b grade horror also. Cabin Fever is directed by up and comer Eli Roth. He throws in a quite funny joke about perceptions but also tries to mix it with the horror of an impending outbreak around the US. Please send any copyright reports to: I keep hearing that horror audiences want the humor these days and it is fairly apparent that this is true but if this is what they want, then aren't they missing the point of a horror movie? He then decides the next day to return to the cabin believing it must be some type of shrine.

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LoneWolfAndCub 16 February Family Friendly Version Video 6. All comments are moderated and may take up to 24 hours to be posted. Was this a clumsy attempt at a metaphor for the guy in the beginning of the movie who was apparently hunting rabbits? Nothing in the way the film is directed, written or acted shows any sign of humor or sarcasm, which is quite amazing considering the film is about an invisible-never-heard-of-before-flesh-eating-virus no laughs please. The hunting squirrels joke is a perfect example.

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